Transportation & Logistics Solution

For most flows within transport-based logistics, we have ready-made systems or can develop tailored solutions for the simpler and better management of loading, unloading, and sorting of transports.

Our systems provide a complete overview of all incoming transports, those circulating within the area, and when they leave the facility. You can choose which information you want to gather from arriving drivers and then have control over each individual transport. You can direct them to the right location, ask them to wait if they are early, or instruct them to return at a later time, for example. Drivers receive all information on their mobile phones and can calmly wait in their vehicles.

When transports arrive, the driver easily notifies their arrival by scanning a QR code and registering it on a website on their smartphone, all without leaving the vehicle. The QR code we provide can be displayed at any location, such as at the entrance or on a website. If desired, we can also supply a kiosk with a touchscreen so that drivers who prefer can check in at a reception building.

During check-in, drivers fill in a set of details that you define as optional. This could include information such as whether they are loading or unloading, license plate number, freight number, company, type of goods, etc. The staff managing the transports receive all this information collected in a web-based list where all incoming transports are found.

With this list, staff can choose how traffic is handled by calling each transport individually to a loading dock or area, or by sending an SMS to the driver with optional content.

Staff can also receive notifications via SMS about incoming traffic on any mobile phone or on a screen in the staff room, for example.

Of course, we can provide statistics on all handling to facilitate analysis and personnel management.

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